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Trico offers the following services for modifying existing facilities:

  • Change current electrical panel to a solar ready panel.
  • Main breaker de-rate for solar.
  • Service upgrade.
  • Service relocation.
  • Repairs to service panel or pedestal.
  • Installing backup generator.
  • Remove an existing service or other facilities.
  • Convert facilities from overhead to underground or underground to overhead.

Please read the application carefully and include all additional documentation requested on the application upon submission. Depending on the type of request it may take a few days or several weeks to complete your project. Email the completed application and additional documentation to or call (520) 744-2944 ext. 2731.

If the service being modified is not currently in your name, you will need to contact Trico’s Member Services Department at (520) 744-2944 ext. 2703 to establish an account.