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Trico members can learn strategies to be more energy efficient through the Energy Conservation Workshop Program. Learn about:

  • Energy savings associated with installing LEDs.
  • Energy savings associated with installing programmable thermostats.
  • Benefits of weatherization and insulation.
  • Basic home maintenance and its effects on energy efficiency.
  • Benefits of purchasing Energy Star-rated appliances.
  • Distribution of home energy savings guides to further help them reduce their energy usage.

Trico can conduct these Energy Conservation Workshops at homeowners association meetings, community groups and at the Trico’s headquarters.

View our most recent workshop on Low Cost/No Cost Energy Saving Ideas:

Virtual Energy Efficiency Workshop

Flipping a switch. Changing the air filter. Unplugging electronics. Making small changes and using energy wisely can help you save energy and money. Join us VIRTUALLY on April 24, 2024 from 6:00 – 7:00 PM for Trico’s FREE Virtual Energy Savings Workshop. This workshop will center on sharing ways you can save money by reducing energy usage in your home. 

RSVP online here.

Have Questions?
Contact us at: (520) 744-2944 ext. 1524


Trico’s Classroom Connection program educates elementary school students on the value and importance of energy efficiency and teaches them ways they can save energy in their own home.

Trico conducts an age-appropriate learning session during classroom time to teach the students ways to conserve energy and how to choose energy efficient appliances. Students are shown basic energy savings measures as well as the benefits of saving energy. An Energy Savings Information Sheet and an Energy Savings Checklist are distributed to all students. The students are also provided with an energy savings survey to fill out with their parents. All students that fill out and return the survey receive a “prize” that promotes energy efficiency as a reminder to continue to conserve.


If you are interested in scheduling a learning session, please call us at (520) 744-9944 (ext: 1524) or email us at