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One of the many benefits of Trico is that it is owned and governed by you, our Members. Our Board of Directors are Trico Members who have been elected to govern and direct the affairs of the Cooperative. As a Trico Member, you too are eligible to run for a seat on the Board and become an advocate for both Trico and your community.


Directors are nominated and elected by you, our Trico Members. Elections are held once a year, during our Annual Meeting usually held in April. Directors serve a three‐year term and can run for re‐election. Each year, two or three Board positions come up for election.


    You are eligible to be a director, if one of the following applies:

    • You are a Trico Member
    • You are the proprietor of a business that is a Trico Member
    • You are the superintendent or principal of a school that is a Trico Member
    • You have been designated in writing to represent an organization that you are associated with, if they are a Trico Member

    You are not eligible to be a director, if one of the following applies:

    • You are not a Trico Member
    • You are employed by or part of an organization that competes with or sells energy supplies to Trico
    • You are an incumbent of an elected public office
    • You are a current employee of Trico, or have been employed by the Cooperative within the five years preceding the current election
    • You are related to a current Director or employee by blood or marriage


Jerry Rutherford

District 1
Dove Mountain, Marana

Call: (913) 484-5802

Mr. Rutherford was a Senior Vice President for 20 years for a cooperative in Kansas that served over 40 children’s hospitals in the U.S. He is currently chair of the Financial Affairs Committee for The Highlands at Dove Mountain and has years of Board experience, including serving as a Board member at a savings bank, children’s hospital and a landscaping company.

“I believe the best way to serve Members is through strategic financial planning to anticipate and prepare for the future, while managing the current day-to-day business operations.”

David Proctor

District 2
Marana, Avra Valley

Call: (520) 345-3520

Mr. Proctor is the Vice President of BKW Farms, which been a Trico Member for 73 years. As Vice President, he has maintained great relationships with multiple key Marana entities and is involved in the planning for multiple long-term projects in Marana/Avra Valley area. BKW also supports Marana High School programs and multiple community events in and around Marana.

“For decades, BKW has cultivated relationships with residents and business owners within the Marana/Avra Valley service area, giving me great insight on how best to represent them as a director.  I am committed to maintaining the great service and rates Trico Members have become accustomed to.”

Darrell Birkhimer

District 3
Avra Valley, Picture Rocks, Star Valley

Call: (305) 998-9716

Mr. Birkhimer retired in December 2021 from the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association after nearly 40 years of electric utility experience. He has worked for investor-owned utilities, taught powerline schools and worked for three electric cooperatives across seven states.

“I have dealt with the challenges electric cooperatives face today. I would like to offer my experience serving Trico Members. I am convinced the electric cooperative business model is alive and well, able to meet the challenges.”

Marsha Thompson

District 4
Sahuarita, Green Valley

Call: (520) 975-5642

Marsha and her husband, Roger, raised their six children in Sahuarita. She has been an active volunteer in the public school system and the White Elephant Thrift Store in Green Valley for 18 years.

“I am grateful to serve my friends and community on the Trico Board of Directors.”

Joe King

District 5
Three Points, Altar Valley, Arivaca, Sasabe, Green Valley

Call: (520) 820-6751

Joe has been a Trico Member for all his life. The John F. King and Son, Inc. Cattle Ranch has been a Member since 1955. He is a fourth-generation cattle rancher in Three Points. He graduated from the University of Arizona in 2003 with a degree in Agricultural Economics.

“Our Electric Cooperative is a very important part of our cattle ranch. I am very interested in energy resources and ensuring that our business and other Trico Members have access to reliable, safe and efficient power in our community.”

Lawrence Hinchliffe

District 6
Corona de Tucson, Vail

Call: (520) 867-8073

Larry, current Board President, has been a resident of Corona de Tucson for 14 years and has been a member of the Board for 11 years – 3 years as Vice President and currently as the Board President. He is retired from the U.S. Department of Energy/Atomic Energy Commission where he served as a scientist and safety officer during his 40-year career.

“I believe the primary job of the Trico Board is to ensure rates are as low as possible while maintaining a safe, reliable system.”

Kevin McCarthy

District 7
Saddlebrooke, Mt. Lemmon

Call: (972) 816-7847

Kevin is a 12-year resident of Arizona and has been a Member of Trico for three years. Kevin worked for Ross Perot at Electronic Data Systems (EDS), where he taught operating system internals and planned EDS data centers. He spent the next 30 years in domestic and global sales roles. He was elected to the Board in April 2022.

“As a longtime customer and supporter of utility cooperatives, I am interested in leveraging technology to provide stable, flexible and affordable service with a focus on renewable and alternate sources of energy.”


How can I become a board member?
In order to be a board member, you must submit a nominating petition, signed by a minimum of 30 current Trico Members from the District in which you are running. The petition must be completed and submitted to Trico at least 75 days prior to the date of the election.
How can I contact my board member?
You can call or email your Board Member directly with the phone number or email provided on this web page.
How long do board members serve their term?
Board Members serve a three‐year term and can run for re‐election. Each year, two or three Board positions come up for election.

Trico Board Meetings are generally held the fourth Tuesday of the month.

Trico Electric Cooperative,
8600 W. Tangerine Road,
Marana, Arizona