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We are working to enhance our Member’s experience

July 6, 2022

A couple of months ago, I mentioned that Trico has established six strategic priorities that will help us innovate and provide a great value, not just today but in the future. The backdrop is that many changes are occurring in the industry and within our membership.

As an organization formed many years ago to meet the needs of homeowners, farmers, ranchers and business owners who it served, and one still owned by those it serves, if we cannot offer value to you, then why do we still exist?

Obviously, that is a rhetorical question, but one that is important, nevertheless. Thus, the need to re-imagine how your cooperative adds value to you and how we can add value in the future.

The first of our six priorities is named “Member Loyalty”. Spelled out, we will be developing products, options, services and events that meet the individual and collective needs of the Members. We have a number of initiatives and projects we are and will be working on that will address this priority.

For example, we want to take advantage of touchpoints to promote Trico’s products, services and programs. This entails reviewing some of our processes related to working with housing developers, and especially when new Members call Trico for the first time.

We will also be looking at our Capital Credit payment process, including likely changing the name from “Capital Credits” to something that better describes what we do, return profits to you, our Members.

We will be taking steps to personalize our Member’s experience with Trico. To accomplish this, we will be revamping our new construction service process, our solar review process, and expanding how and what we communicate to Members during and after outages.

We will also be introducing rate options to Members, assuming the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) agrees. We have filed an off-peak electric vehicle (EV) charging rate and are awaiting approval. This rate will save considerable money for those who own EVs and benefit the entire system. We are also expanding our pay in advance option and filing an optional rate that allows Members to increase the amount of renewables they buy monthly from Trico to 50% or even 100% (stay tuned for more information after the ACC takes action).

And lastly, we will be taking steps to better communicate with Members via social media and at our current and maybe even some new events.

We are excited to get to work on all of the above and know that many Members will see enhanced value as we make progress on these initiatives. As a Member-owned organization, and one that operates on a not-for-profit basis, you can trust that serving you is foremost on our minds.