Trico Retires $4.25 Million in Capital Credits

December 8, 2022

Trico is a non-profit, electric cooperative, and one of the ways we serve our Members is returning Capital Credits. This year the Board of Directors approved the retirement of $4.25 million in Capital Credits. We are proud that this is Trico’s 13th straight year retiring Capital Credits. 

What are Capital Credits? When Trico’s revenues exceed its cost of operations, a profit (margin) is created. Trico allocates its profits to its Members in the form of Capital Credits. Annually, when the Cooperative’s financial condition permits, Trico pays, or retires, a portion of the allocated Capital Credits.

This month, Trico will retire Capital Credits totaling $4.25 million, consisting of $4.1 million from Trico and $150,000 from the Arizona Electric Power Cooperative. Members will see their Capital Credit Retirement on their December bill. Active accounts will see a Capital Credit Retirement posted as a credit on their bill. Inactive accounts will receive a check for a refund over $10. If a Member moves or no longer has service, Trico must have their current address to send capital credit notices and retirements in the future.

We work hard to provide service in a cost-effective manner so we can return Capital Credits to our Members. Since 2010, Trico has returned more than $32 MILLION to its Members. That’s money that stays in our local communities.

The bottom line, Capital Credits are just one of the many benefits of being a Member of Trico! We hope this brightens your holidays.

Learn more about capital credits at If you have additional questions about your Capital Credits, contact us at 520-744-2944, ext. 1510, or by email at


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