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Does Trico complete the installation of residential or commercial solar systems?

No. All solar interconnections are completed by a third-party contractor of the member’s choosing. The contractor is required to have an active license within the state of Arizona.

Can you recommend a contractor to install solar at my house?

No, Trico does not recommend any one contractor over another. However, you can access the Arizona Registrar of Contractors to begin a contractor search. This website is provided solely for the convenience our members. Trico does not recommend or endorse any of the listed contractors. You can choose any licensed contractor you wish.  Additionally, we recommend that all interested Members contact at least three licensed and bonded contractors before deciding on a renewable energy generation system. We also recommend that you complete a background check of the contractor to ensure a reputable review of their services.

Can you recommend a system size, type, or brand for my house?

No, we cannot make a recommendation. You will need to discuss these issues with a licensed contractor.  We recommend you contact at least three licensed and bonded contractors before deciding on a renewable energy generation system. 

What types of Photovoltaic (PV) systems are available?

1) OffGrid system:

An off‐grid system has its own complete, self‐contained power generation station. It is independent of Trico’s distribution lines (the “grid”), and all power needed by the home is produced on‐site using solar energy. A typical off‐grid system will have a solar array, a battery bank, an inverter, and several other components needed for system control, monitoring and safety.

2) GridTied System with Battery Backup:

Grid‐tied homes with battery backup are connected to Trico’s distribution lines. This allows the home or business to utilize and/or store the electrical energy the system is generating. During an outage, this system automatically switches to the backup battery power. When the utility power is restored, the system automatically switches back to using a combination of solar and utility power.

3) Gridtied System without Battery Backup:

Grid‐tied systems without battery backup are connected to Trico’s distribution lines. This allows the home or business to utilize both renewable energy (solar) and Trico’s electricity. These systems are the most economical and popular because they eliminate the expense and maintenance of storage batteries. A grid‐tied system is designed to meet the electrical needs of the member’s load first by the PV system. If the PV system is unable to meet the electrical needs of the home, the utility will supply the difference. At times when the PV system is generating more energy than what is being consumed by the member, the excess energy is delivered back onto Trico’s distribution lines.

Is there an application process to install solar?

All solar applications are submitted through Trico’s online application portal, PowerClerk. There is no application fee. Courtesy emails will be provided throughout the application process to assist in tracking the status of the application.

Can I install the system myself?

Yes, however, you must have licensed electrician complete the final interconnection.

Do you offer Net Metering?

The Net Metering Tariff has been frozen for residential applications received after end of business on February 24, 2017. The DG Energy Export Tariff for the applicable year is the active tariff for residential services.

Does Trico allow the leased agreements?

Yes, as long as the photovoltaic system is interconnected to Trico’s grid following Trico’s Interconnection Requirements, it does not matter whether the system is owned by the member or leased through a third‐

Will I still have a utility bill with Trico?

A member whose photovoltaic system generates more energy than he/she consumes during a given billing period and does not need to purchase any kWh form Trico will always pay a minimum bill of approximately $25. This includes fixed fees associated with being interconnected to the grid, surcharge(s), and taxes.

Are there any additional fees for being on solar?

Trico does not have any interconnection applications fees. The only additional fee the member will incur, once interconnected, is a $3.38 administrative charge which covers the Monthly Data Cost for both meters that are on the service.

When there is a grid outage, what happens to my system?

When there is a Trico outage, the photovoltaic system will shut down automatically. This is a safety feature that is required to avoid danger to personnel working on the distribution lines. Without a battery backup system, the house will be without electricity, and it is not possible to use the electricity from the photovoltaic system until the outage has been restored.