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Keep your Trico account up to date

July 6, 2022

At a time when identity security is so critical, ensuring that the personal information tied to your Trico account is accurate helps us to both protect you and keep you informed.

Accurate information enables us to improve member service and enhance communications for reporting and repairing outages.

We want to be sure we have the right phone number to reach you if there’s an issue with your service or have the correct email to make certain you are receiving the information you need and want from Trico. If someone calls us to inquire about their account, we need to correctly verify their identity before we ever talk with them about anything related to that account.

In addition to keeping Trico updated with your proper phone numbers and email addresses, it’s also important that the name of any household member who needs to be able to discuss your account is listed on the account.

You can update your contact information by logging on to SmartHub, by emailing or by calling (520) 744-2944.

We also encourage you to sign up for Outage Notifications here or through our SmartHub. You can report an outage from SmartHub or by texting “OUT” to 855-937-1858.