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Trico staff work together to rescue baby hawks

July 6, 2022

While inspecting lines in Marana, Trico’s line inspector saw a bird’s nest on a pole. Trico linemen Bryan English and Shem Scott were sent to inspect the condition of the nest and found three eggs.

As part of our Avian Protection Plan, Trico contacted a wildlife specialist from Liberty Wildlife to assist.

Later, when Bryan went up to add rubber blankets to cover the energized conductors, he noticed two eggs hatched, so there were two baby hawks and one egg.

The babies and egg were safely transferred to a specialized cooler and were put in a portable incubator for transport to Liberty Wildlife.

Liberty Wildlife gave the baby birds fluids and the egg remained in incubation until it hatched.

Eventually, a Red-Tailed Hawk will take over as “mom” to help raise the babies.