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Trico pioneers electric vehicle charger installations

June 10, 2024

Trico has started installing electric vehicle (EV) chargers in Members’ homes to support Members with EVs and help reduce energy usage during periods of high demand.

Among the early adopters is Clifford Rosario, whose embrace of EV technology underscores the practicality and convenience it offers. Rosario, a lifelong car enthusiast, became the first homeowner to have a Trico EV charger installed at his residence. His decision to enroll in the program stems from the seamless experience it promises, coupled with substantial cost savings in the long run.

“Convenience and affordability were key factors in my decision,” he said. “While EV chargers can often be a hefty investment, opting for installation through Trico not only eases the financial burden but also ensures hassle-free usage.”

For Rosario, whose daily routine includes commuting between Tucson and Phoenix, the appeal of electric vehicles initially lay in their impressive performance metrics. However, it wasn’t until he integrated an EV into his lifestyle that he realized its full potential.

“With my hectic schedule, the last thing I need is frequent trips to the gas station,” Rosario remarks. “The transition to electric driving has not only streamlined my daily commute but also alleviated concern about maintenance and emissions.”

Rosario’s sentiment reflects a growing trend among Trico Members gravitating towards EVs for their practicality and environmental benefits. With 99% of his yearly mileage now powered by electricity, he advocates for the widespread adoption of EV chargers to facilitate this transition for others.

“Installing an EV charger at home is a game-charger,” Rosario asserts. “It not only encourages eco-friendly practices but also simplifies the switch to electric vehicles for individuals on the fence.”

Trico’s experimental EV rates offer savings for Members with EVs and a way to control costs for all Members.

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