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Trico Linemen Help Motorist

August 26, 2022

Trico is dedicated to making a difference in the communities we serve. Trico journeyman lineman Bryan English and apprentice Anthony Anaya exemplified the cooperative’s concern for community when they stopped to help a woman change a flat tire while driving down Avra Valley Road.

They parked behind her and put out cones, and then came over to help her.

“They told me to put my tools down and that they would handle it for me,” Lillee Soriano posted on the Avra Valley Community Facebook page. “They got the car up and lug nuts off, but my rim was stuck on the rotor. Luckily, they had a pry bar and were able to get it off. They put the donut on. I thanked them multiple times for taking the time out of their day to help me. It almost brought me to tears. I have never experienced something like that in my life. Just pure kindness.”

Caption: Trico apprentice lineman Anthony Anaya changes a flat tire for a member of the community.


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