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Local Teacher Gains Knowledge with Trico Internship

August 4, 2022

For two weeks over the summer, Ron Roseman – who teaches computer programming at Canyon del Oro (CDO) High School and sponsors the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) Club – went to Trico for an externship.

He worked alongside IT, Technical Services, Design & Engineering, Human Resources and Accounting. He also met with CEO & General Manager Brian Heithoff.

The Teacher Externship program is sponsored by Pima JTED (Joint Technical Education District). The purpose of the program is to allow teachers to keep abreast of changes in the field and use that knowledge in the classroom.

“We’re in our bubble in the classroom,” Ron said. “We don’t have an outside perspective. It opens my world so I can open up my students’ world.”

Last year, Ron did a summer externship at the University of Arizona. He said he chose Trico this year because as a member of the cooperative, “I’ve been impressed with Trico.”

“I came from Texas where utilities are nice to you because they want your business,” he said. “You (Trico) are nice because you want to be, not because you have to.”

Ron said he is thankful to Trico’s employees for their hospitality.

“I appreciate learning what I have,” he said. “I hope to bring that knowledge to my students, so they have a better understanding of what jobs are available and what is expected of them.”


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