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Know what’s below: Steps for safe digging

April 22, 2022

Did you know utility lines are typically buried just a few inches below the ground? If you’re planning an outdoor project that requires any digging, please remember to call 811 at least three business days before you start. Or you can submit a request online by visiting

After you call 811 or submit your request online, all affected utilities will be notified of your intent to dig. It may take the utilities a few days to get to your request, so please be patient. The affected utilities will send someone out to mark the buried lines with paint or flags. Before you break ground, confirm that all the utilities have responded to your request.

The graphic below shows the proper placement of trees and shrubs. Please keep landscaping at least 10 feet away from padmount transformers.

By taking this important step before you break ground on your project, you can help protect not only yourself but our community. Disrupting an underground utility line can interrupt service, cause injuries and cost money to repair, so remember to call 811 first and know what’s below.