Apprentices Gain Experience at Lineman’s Rodeo

January 24, 2023

Apprentice linemen Tyler Hornung, Martin Mares and Shem Scott had a great time learning and competing against apprentices from other state electric cooperatives and utilities at the Arizona Lineman Rodeo in November.

The Lineman Rodeo is an event created to offer lineworkers a way to showcase their pride in their profession. The event is composed of volunteers devoted to the promotion of educational and electrical safety activities, including, but not limited to, the continued education of lineworkers, building relationships of trust, teaching teamwork techniques, sharing of ideas to bring innovation to the industry, and networking that will foster better working relationships between utilities. Martin said the Lineman Rodeo was a great experience. “I met a lot of apprentices at different steps of the apprenticeship. It was great camaraderie.”

Martin said his favorite events were the Hurtman Rescue and the Obstacle Course. He said both events make you a better climber. “The Hurtman Rescue makes you practice over and over on what needs to be done if you ever need to rescue someone hurt on the pole. The obstacle course helps you find what works better for you on installing or replacing material on the pole.”

Crew leader Jeremy Konski, who volunteered as a judge for the rodeo, said Tyler, Martin and Shem did well for their first rodeo. “Overall, it was a great experience, and we look forward to next year,” he said.


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