CEO Column: Imagine Trico in 2030

December 7, 2022


I believe Trico is at an important stage in our growth and development, as changes in the industry, advances in technology, and changes in our Members’ needs shape the work we do today and in the future.

When I imagine the future of Trico, here is a what I envision:

I see a fully automated power delivery network that monitors and ensures a two-way flow of electricity and information between Trico, our generation sources and the end use appliance/equipment.

I see this system having distributed intelligence, coupled with broadband communications and automated control systems, enabling real time market transactions (prices/rates) and seamless interfaces among people, buildings, businesses, generation sources and our network. Our systems will sense, communicate, and operate bi-directionally.

I see faster detection of outages, automatic responses to them in some cases, and rapid restoration will improve the reliability and security of the grid.

I see more electricity use by our Members as they decarbonize their homes, businesses, farms, ranches, and transportation modes, choosing electricity over gas, propane, gasoline and diesel. Regarding vehicles, I see most of the Trico fleet being electric by 2030.

I see that while we are connected to regional transmission networks, and ultimately to the national backbone, more power from distributed energy systems (co-op and member-owned) flows to and from other Members first, and then to the regional network, depending on supply and demand conditions.

I see Trico’s Members having the ability to customize their electricity supply to suit their individual needs for power in terms of cost, environmental impacts, levels of reliability and power quality. This includes having long since moved away from a one-sized fits all business model to one where we are offering different levels of renewables, types of renewables, location of renewables, so that we can tailor services to individual Members.

In 2030, who better than our Member’s trusted local co-op to meet their needs and wants, just like we have been doing since 1945.

Ultimately, I see Trico enabling a more prosperous, healthier, and secure quality of life. This gets back to our mission – to make a difference in the communities we serve by providing our Members cost-effective and sustainable energy solutions.

As we reach the end of 2022, all of us at Trico would like to thank our Members. We are privileged to serve our community and look forward to a bright future together.


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