You’re more than a customer, you’re a Member

At Trico, membership really does mean something more than just the right to buy electricity. Membership gives you rights as an owner of this Co-op. That’s right, you are an owner of Trico. Member relations is not just part of what Trico should be doing, but in fact is the fundamental core business of the cooperative.

This is a business relationship that serves both you (the Member) and Trico. Since Co-ops are solely owned by the people they serve, they have a mutual interest to ensure that both the Co-op and the Member do well and prosper.

Our close connection to our Members and community ensures we get a first-hand perspective on your priorities, allowing us to make well informed decisions on long‑term investments such as community solar programs, equipment and technology upgrades, and electric vehicle programs.

As an owner of Trico, you have a right to know how it operates and how decisions are made that directly impact you. Each Member gets a voice and a vote in how the Co-op is run, and each voice and vote are equal. We encourage all Members to vote in Trico’s elections each year and invite all Members to attend the Annual Meeting in April. Our Board of Directors help set long-term priorities for Trico and have been elected by Members just like you. We know our Members have a valuable perspective, and that’s why we are continually seeking your input and encourage you to weigh in on important Co-op issues and participate in Co-op elections.

We know our Members have different needs and perspectives, and we welcome diverse views on all issues under consideration at Trico. The more viewpoints we hear, the better we can reflect the needs of all the different areas we serve. So please, consider running for a Board seat, sign an election petition for a Member who is running, be sure to vote for a Board candidate and definitely join us at the Trico Annual Meeting on April 9, 2022 at Casino del Sol Resort. We look forward to seeing you in‑person.

Benefits of being a Trico Member

Many businesses use the word “member” to describe their customers. You pay a fee to buy their goods and services, but that is really all you get for the “membership.” At a non‑profit cooperative (Co-op) like Trico, being a Member means something more. As a Member, you have the right to vote for the Board of Directors and participate in a meaningful way.

Membership also gives you rights as an owner of this Co-op. Here are a few examples of the benefits of being a Trico Member:

Capital Credits

At the end of each year, Trico calculates its margin (a Co-op word for profit), which is the amount its income exceeded its expenses during the year. When our Board of Directors determines it is financially feasible and prudent, and when we meet the financial requirements stated in our loan documents, we retire the Capital Credits. This means money is returned to our Members. Click here for more information on Capital Credits.

Co-op Connections Card

The Co-op Connections Card is a free benefit of being a Trico Member. By showing your Co-op Card or the Co-op Connections app at participating retailers, you can save money on items you purchase every day. Check for participating businesses in your area by visiting Need a card? Email us at

Operation Cool Shade

Planting a tree can help you save on your monthly electric costs. Shade trees cool the outer wall temperature of your home by as much as 20 degrees, saving your air conditioner and lowering your summer electric bill. As a Member, you can purchase up to three low‑cost, low‑water use trees. Trees will be available for purchase here in January 2022.


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