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By Vin Nitido, Trico CEO and GM
At our Annual Meeting, we introduced a new brand to our Members. What prompted this change? We recognized that we are at an important stage in our growth and development. In late 2017, we took the first step to reposition ourselves for the future with the goal of developing a strategic and well-defined brand and communications plan.
Branding is not just a logo or a tagline. It is the promise that we make to our Members and our community. It’s not about how we see ourselves, but how we are perceived by others.

We care about people, not just profits. As a non-profit cooperative, we don’t treat profits like other utility companies. Our purpose is to serve our Members and community. Working together for the common good is what makes us different.

Throughout 2018, we looked at feedback and data from surveys and research that staff and Members had participated in over the years to come up with these guiding principles:

Members first. Our Members are also owners, so we work hard to follow through on what we say, be upfront and honest and earn their trust every day.

Safety is at our core. Without prioritizing the safety of our staff, workers, Members and communities, our other measures of quality and service would not matter. Safety is where we start in providing the reliability, responsiveness and service that our Members value.

Reliability is our responsibility. We are dedicated to providing reliable energy and service where and when you need us. We are proud of our record of minimal outages and superior response to Member needs.

Together we power the future. That’s what a community is: working together and doing our best for each other. You can’t have a co-op without cooperation, and we are dedicated to investing in the quality of life in our communities, today and into the future.


To be effective, the tagline must help to build the Trico brand by expressing the brand’s strengths and attributes through an active, instantly understandable and unique phrase.

Powered with purpose.


A successful logo should communicate your brand attributes by using a combination of graphic elements. Based on our evaluation, we developed a new identity that more clearly reflects Trico’s strengths and moves us into the future.

An Energy Cooperative (no longer just an electric cooperative) better reflects Trico’s forward-thinking mindset and the numerous energy sources Trico is using and pursuing. The word electric is limiting. Energy is limitless.

See the diagram above for an explanation of the new logo.

Trico Electric is an Equal Opportunity Provider & Employer.
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