Volunteer trip opens student’s eyes to world

Hibram Sanchez is a Trico Foundation scholarship recipient from last year and a young man with high hopes for the future.

Last spring break, instead of spending the week relaxing, this first-generation University of Notre Dame student went on a medical service trip to Nicaragua. When he left, he had wanted to be a trauma surgeon in the future. He spent the week translating for the doctors and taking the blood pressure of the patients. However, after seeing people who were marginalized and poverty stricken, he started to see things in a new light. His aspirations now lean more toward being an advocate, maybe a lawyer or a diplomat.

Hibram paid for his travel expenses with his own money and donations from his friends and family. He is far from finished when it comes to traveling and learning about the world. He thanked Trico for its contribution to his education and wants to give back to his local community, too.

“I want to leave a mark on the world, not a scar,” he said.

We are proud to have such a distinguished and driven student in our community.

Trico scholarships in jeopardy

The future of Trico’s giving programs is at risk because of a bill that failed to pass in the Arizona Legislature earlier this year. Click here for more information.