Trico partners with other Arizona co-ops

Will purchase 5 Megawatts from Apache Solar Project

In mid-September, the Members of the Arizona Electric Power Cooperative (AEPCO) added 20 Megawatts (MW) of renewable solar energy to their energy portfolio.

Trico and the other Member Cooperatives of AEPCO – Duncan Valley, Graham County, Mohave, Sulphur Springs Valley and Anza – will receive the majority of the power output from the Apache Solar Project. With Trico’s purchase of 5 MW of solar from the project, Trico will have a total of 27 MW of renewable resources.

The Apache Solar Project and its 77,053 solar panels sits on 134 acres near Cochise, Ariz., that were already AEPCO property, which made the project more cost effective.

“This project underscores Trico’s commitment to renewable energy,” said Vin Nitido, Trico GM and CEO. “Large utility-scale solar systems are becoming increasingly competitive with fossil fuel alternatives, and the benefits are shared among all Trico Members.”

Apache Solar Project facts:

  • 20 MW AC to the grid.
  • Total acres: 134
  • Total number of panels: 77,053
  • Each panel produces 320 watts
  • Owners: Member Cooperatives Trico, Duncan Valley, Graham County, Mohave, Sulphur Springs Valley and Anza. Trico will purchase 5 MW.