Trico celebrates 40 years of support for 4-H

One of our core principles as a cooperative is concern for our community, which Trico has demonstrated in our 40 years of support for the 4-H and Future Farmers of America (FFA) programs in Southern Arizona.

We share the values of 4-H, and believe it is important to promote the opportunities that the organization offers to young people in our community.

Since 4-H began more than 100 years ago, it has become the Nation’s largest youth development organization. The 4-H program helps young people gain the skills needed to make proactive contributions in their communities.

Kids in 4-H have the unique opportunity to compete in health, science, agriculture, citizenship and other programs where they receive guidance from adult mentors who care about them, and where they are encouraged to take on leadership roles.

This year at the Pima County Fair, Trico supported 4-H by purchasing the grand champion goat and two pigs. The money that we have contributed to the students over the years often goes into savings accounts to be used for college or is used to continue participation in 4-H the next year. We are proud to support the young people in our community by helping them secure a successful future.