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Voting for the 2021 Trico Board of Directors has ended. Election results will be announced during the Annual Meeting on Saturday, April 24, 2021 at 10 a.m.

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Meeting ID: 999 4733 5620.

Passcode: 446613.

To join by phone, call (253) 215-8782.

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Members who voted will be entered into a raffle for prizes and the winners will be announced after the Annual Meeting. There will be a separate raffle for Members who attend the Annual Meeting online. The prizes will include iPads, gift cards and bill credits. If you vote and attend the Annual Meeting you will be entered in both raffles. 

Below, you can review candidate biographies and watch videos submitted by the candidates.


District 1 – Dove Mountain, Marana

Don Black (Incumbent)

Mr. Black has been a Trico Member for more than 17 years. He lives in the Dove Mountain area of Marana. Don, who is retired, worked 35 years at the NASA Dryden Flight Research Center at Edwards Air Force Base, California.

Mr. Black has more than 12 years of experience as a Board member, including experience on the Policy/Bylaw Committee and the Finance/Audit Committee. He has attended 22 full-day director education courses and several director conferences. He believes this experience and education “have more than adequately prepared me to continue working for our Members during the next three years. I, along with the other six Board members, am dedicated to providing our Members with reliable, safe, affordable electricity.”

Tony Thomas

Mr. Thomas has over 40 years of experience in energy automation and control systems at the electric utility level. His expertise spans the range from Distributed Generation integration to Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition systems (SCADA), Distribution Automation and cybersecurity at the utility operations level. After many years at General Electric and Emerson Electric, he was recruited by a couple of startups in what would become the “Smart Grid” market and subsequently went on to assist in the development of the current AMR/AMI technologies and the first residential energy gateway at MainStreet Networks. During the past 25 years he has implemented over 200 Smart Grid and over 50 SCADA systems in the U.S. and Internationally.

Mr. Thomas has a BS in Electrical Engineering and holds “Certified Energy Manager” credentials and Global Industrial Control Systems Cybersecurity Professional certification. Mr. Thomas and his wife, Debbie, are new to the Tucson area. During his business travels, he fell in love with Tucson. When he was looking for someplace to retire, it was at the top of the list. Mr. Thomas enjoys photography and skiing.

Todd Rooney

Mr. Rooney has been a Trico member for 6 years and has lived in Tucson for over 30 years. Mr. Rooney said “It would be an honor to contribute to the success of the Trico business as well as the local community if elected as a board member.” He has an MBA in global business management and is currently working in the mining and cement industries as the Vice President of Service Execution for North America. He is going on his 25th year with his company and he believes his experience in running various types of operations, combined with his International business exposure, will provide him with an understanding of how the business should operate. His background should also provide a different perspective to compliment the other board members and support the executive team of Trico.

Mr. Rooney believes a board member’s role is to understand the entire business and provide the proper guidance and strategic direction for the company; while keeping the customer and long-term outlook of the company in all decisions. He is looking forward to learning from others; while providing his unique expertise to support and contribute to the future success of the organization. Mr. Rooney enjoys spending time with his 95-year-old father who is a WWII vet and he enjoys traveling with his wife and children for vacation. Mr. Rooney follows all types of sports but specifically roots for the Chicago pro teams and the University of Arizona programs.

District 2 – Marana, Avra Valley

Arnoldo Ballesteros Burruel

Mr. Burruel has been a Trico Member for 36 years. He is the owner of Burruel & Burruel Farms. Mr. Burruel said, “My family has been in the area for quite some time now. I am aware of the needs and challenges of Marana. While here, I have built a successful farm operation. Owning and operating wells, shops and several households has made me aware of the electric power business. I have also sat on no less than six industry boards over the years. I have sat on the farm service board for 18 years.”

Mr. Burruel has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Arizona. “My wife and I, before her passing, raised two fine children in the Marana community. My goal on the Trico board will be to continue to supply the dependable and reasonably priced power we have become accustomed to.”

District 5 – Arivaca, Sasabe, Green Valley

Damon Goodmanson

Mr. Goodmanson has been a Trico Member for more than one year. Mr. Goodmanson said, “I believe in the power of community and since purchasing the Arivaca Mercantile in December 2019, I have tried to be as involved in community events and groups as possible. Owning the Mercantile has given me the opportunity to see the issues our community members face every day and work to help. It is important for a younger generation to start learning the ropes of the entities that keep the community alive and kicking so that they can continue to provide services, in whatever capacity, to these rural areas. I am on the Fire District Board and the Water Board in Arivaca, and I would be delighted to add the Trico Board to my list of responsibilities. I am proud to be a voice for Arivaca/Sasabe and its residents.”

“I regularly help with food box distribution in Arivaca and have donated to several of the non-profits in the area,” he said. Before moving to Southern Arizona, Mr. Goodmanson lived and worked in Minnesota in landscaping and road construction. “I was foreman to a crew of laborers and never hesitated getting my hands dirty. My hands are a bit cleaner now, owning a grocery store, but my work ethic and heart have never wavered,” he said.

Joe King

Mr. King has been a Trico Member for all his life. The John F. King and Son, Inc. Cattle Ranch has been a Member since 1955. Mr. King said, “Our Electric Cooperative is a very important part of our cattle ranch. I am very interested in energy resources and ensuring that our business and other Trico members have access to reliable, safe and efficient power in our community.”

“I am a fourth-generation cattle rancher in Three Points, AZ. I graduated from the University of Arizona in 2003 with a degree in Agricultural Economics. After graduating, I worked in Phoenix with Arizona State Lands Department and USDA-Natural Resource Conservation Service. In 2006, I returned to our family ranch and have been working here since, he said. Mr. King has been on the Pima/ Santa Cruz Counties’ Farm Bureau Board since 2008 and is the current Vice-President. “I am a Past President of SACPA (Southern Arizona Cattlemen’s Protective Association). Our ranch is a member of Arizona Farm and Ranch Group. My family helped to start the Altar Valley Conservation Alliance, an organization of landowners and land managers seeking to conserve natural resources in the Altar Valley and my wife is currently the Executive Director,” he said.

Mr. King has a daughter, Evelyn (6), who attends Robles Elementary in Three Points and a son, George (4), who enjoys life at the ranch.


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