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Trico is owned and governed by its Members. Trico's Board of Directors are Members of the Cooperative elected to govern and oversee Trico’s business. Directors serve a three-year term. Elections are held every year for two or three board seats, and the results are announced during our Annual Meeting.

  • District 1, serving the Marana and Dove Mountain areas
  • District 2, serving the Marana, Avra Valley and Picture Rocks areas
  • District 5, serving the Arivaca, Sasabe and Green Valley areas
Nomination to Run for Election

The first step in running for a Board position is to complete a Candidate Biography and a Nominating Petition.

You must obtain thirty (30) signatures from Members that receive service in the District you wish to represent. We highly recommend you obtain more than 30 in case some of the signatures are not valid.

Trico is no longer accepting nominations for this election year.

Voting for Trico's Board of Directors will begin on Monday, February 15, 2021 on this website.

Nomination and Election Deadlines:

January 22, 2021: Last date to submit Photo and Biography for Use with Digital Nominating Petitions
February 8, 2021: Nominating Petitions must be returned to Trico
February 15, 2021: Voting Begins
April 21, 2021: Voting Complete
April 24, 2021: Virtual Annual Meeting and Election Results

Below are frequently asked questions regarding the Trico Board of Directors:

To learn more about how to run for election and the responsibilities of a director, and to set up a meeting with Trico management, please contact Roberta Lopez-Suter at or 520-744-2944, ext. 1362.

Click here to read about the current Trico Board of Directors.



How can I be nominated for a Board of Director position?

In order to be nominated for a Board of Director position, you must submit a nominating petition that is signed by at least 30 current Trico Members from the District in which you are running for election that year. The petition must be completed and submitted to Trico by February 8, 2021. Nominating petitions are available here.

This year, because of the COVID pandemic, Trico has developed an online system for distributing and collecting petitions. Trico will work with you to distribute your biography and candidate statement to the Members, along with a request from you for signatures on your nominating petition. For help distributing your nominating petition online please contact Roberta Lopez-Suter at or (520)744-2944 ext. 1362.

Who is eligible to be a Director on Trico’s Board?

You are eligible to be a director, if one of the following applies:

  • You are a Trico Member and/or the proprietor of a business that is a Trico Member
  • You are the superintendent or principal of a school that is a Trico Member
  • You have been designated in writing to represent an agency/corporation that you are associated with, if that agency/corporation is a Trico Member

You are not eligible to be a director if one of the following applies:

  • You are employed by or part of an organization that competes with or sells energy or energy supplies to Trico
  • You are an incumbent of an elected public office
  • You are a current employee of Trico, or have been employed by the Cooperative within the five years preceding the current election
  • You are related to a current Director or employee by blood or marriage
Can I nominate multiple individuals for a Board of Director position?
No. A Member is only allowed to sign a nominating petition for one person in the Member’s District seeking nomination for the Board of Directors.
What are the responsibilities of the Board of Directors?
Trico’s Directors are responsible for protecting and managing the assets and business interests of the Cooperative for the benefit of its Members. They determine how the Cooperative’s financial and operating assets are used to fulfill the Cooperative’s mission. They set the Cooperative’s policies, strategic plans and budgets. The Board also hires the CEO/General Manager of the Cooperative, who reports directly to the Board.
How many Trico districts are there and how are they determined?
Trico’s service territory is split into seven Districts. There is one Director from each District, however Directors represent all Trico Members.
How do I know what District I am in?

A Member’s District is determined by where they live within Trico’s service territory. Click here to identify your District.

How often does the Board of Directors meet?
Trico’s Board meets once each month, typically on the fourth Tuesday of the month. Meetings are generally held during regular business hours and last four to six hours. Directors also attend the Trico Annual Meeting, and occasional special meetings.
How many hours do Directors spend on Trico business each month?
Once they complete the orientation process, a Director should expect to spend about 10 to 15 hours a month working on Trico business, which includes the Trico Board Meeting.
Are Directors compensated?
Each Director receives a per diem, in addition to being reimbursed for mileage and travel expenses relating to attendance at Board Meetings and training.
Do Directors receive training?

Each newly elected Director is expected to complete an orientation process involving meetings with Trico’s Board President, CEO/General Manager and staff. The meetings will cover the organization of the Board and its processes, procedures and administrative matters; Trico’s organization and business model, strategic plan and current issues.

Directors are also encouraged to attend educational courses and receive Certified Director designation from the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA). Those courses take place throughout the year at various locations in connection with NRECA meetings. Trico covers the cost of this training.


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