Bighorn Fire Update

As scheduled, Trico turned off its generator to perform maintenance earlier this morning (7-6-2020).  The maintenance was completed, and the generator was refueled.  The generator has been restarted and is currently operating.

Power has been restored to most of Mt. Lemmon.  This includes, Summerhaven, Radio Ridge, Soldiers Camp, Mt. Bigelow, Organization Ridge, Palisades, Girl Scout Camp and Willow Canyon.  The east slope of Mt. Lemmon remains deenergized.   

Trico continues to work with fire officials to assess the extent of any damage to the line serving Mt. Lemmon.  It may be necessary to deenergize certain lines as firefighters continue their work.  We will continue to provide updates on our website ( and on social media.

Thank you to the firefighters who continue to do a great job of protecting Mt. Lemmon.

If you have questions, please contact Trico dispatch at 520-744-2944. We will continue to provide updates at and on social media.

Construction Services - Rules, Regulations and Line Extension Policy
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Trico Electric Cooperative, Inc. (Trico) provides electric service and extends its electric lines pursuant to its Rules, Regulations and Line Extension Policies (RRLEP), as approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission.

The current RRLEP became effective on March 1, 2017, and supersedes all previously approved versions. The RRLEP shall apply in all cases except as modified by terms and conditions of rates or contracts approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission.

Key line extension allowance provisions summarized below:

1. Permanent Residential Applicant: For each new permanent Residential Applicant, the allowance is up to $1,500 per line extension for each new permanent residence, plus the cost of special equipment (such as a transformer and/or meter).

2. Large Non-Residential and Industrial Applicant: No line extension allowance for GS3 and GS4 rate classes.

3. All Other Non-Residential: Line extension allowance for all other rate classes (other than Residential, GS3, and GS4) is based on a formula utilizing the Trico cost of service data applied to each individual non-Residential Applicant similar to the calculation used to develop the allowance for a Residential Applicant.

4. Duly Recorded Subdivisions: The RRLEP for a duly recorded subdivision development provides an allowance equal to Trico’s equipment and labor cost to install the transformers within the subdivision. Click here to view an illustrative example graphic of the costs and allowances related to subdivisions.

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