Keep objects away from transformers

They’re big. They’re usually green or tan. They generally sit on concrete, often within housing developments and sometimes in front of your house.

Some folks don’t like these “electrical boxes” (a common nickname for pad mounted transformers) and try to hide them with bushes, fences or flower beds. But stay clear: even small additions around pad mounted transformers create hazards.

Trico recommends leaving at least 10 feet of clear space in front of pad mounted transformers and other electrical boxes. Linemen regularly inspect and work on these units while they are energized so homeowners won’t always experience an interruption in service. While doing so, they use an 8-foot fiberglass stick that requires about 10 feet of “elbow room” in front and to the sides of the unit to ensure safety.

Landscaping that prevents access to pad mounted transformers can cause service interruptions and should be removed.

  • Allow at least 10 feet of space in front of the transformer and five feet on all other sides.
  • Don’t pile dirt against the transformer. Transformers are made of steel; dirt and rock can cause the steel to rust and leak oil, which leads to overheating and can destroy the equipment.

Trico requires access to transformers. In the event of an emergency or outage situation, any shrubbery or obstruction will be removed without notice to the owner. Trico is not responsible for any damage done to landscaping that blocks access to Trico equipment. When possible and reasonable, we will make every effort to contact the Member first.

Call before you dig

Call Arizona 811 a few days before you start any digging project. Whether you are planning to do it yourself or hire a professional, smart digging means knowing where underground utilities (pipes, lines or cables) are buried in your yard.