Electric Operations Manager retires after 41 years at Trico

Ron BrownAfter 41 years at Trico, Ron Brown retired on December 31, 2018. Mr. Brown was Manager of Electric Operations since 2001.

“We can never replace Ron’s knowledge and experience, but he leaves us with something even more valuable – the culture of caring for each other and our Members, of safety, craftsmanship and pride in our Cooperative that he implemented throughout his time at Trico,” said Vin Nitido, Trico CEO and GM.

Mr. Brown started at Trico in August 1977 as an Apprentice Equipment Technician in the Meter Department.

“This has been a fantastic place to work,” Mr. Brown said. “I can honestly say I have enjoyed every day and the interaction I have had with people here at Trico. Some for over 30 years.”

Mr. Brown said what he is most proud of is the culture of safety at Trico. The Co-op has gone more than 1,000 days without a lost-time accident.

“We have all done a good job working safely and watching out for each other,” he said. “Trico has been an excellent company to work for, but it’s time.”