Donation from Charitable Trust helps Mt. Lemmon Fire save lives

In April, the Mt. Lemmon Fire District received $2,000 from the Trico Charitable Trust (TCT) to have its hydraulic tools, aka. Jaws of Life, serviced.

For three years, the district was unable to service the tools because it didn’t have the money.

“Our budget has been reduced for the past few years due to lower tax valuations on homes in our area,” said Mike Cuestas, a firefighter and paramedic for Mt. Lemmon Fire. “We risk reduced power or failure of the tools if not serviced per the manufacturers recommendation service interval (annually). These tool allow us to cut, or spread a car apart to extricate patients from mangled vehicles. They allow us to get patients to the hospital faster, which can, and has saved lives.”

This is not the first time Mt. Lemmon Fire has received funds from the Charitable Trust for life-saving equipment. A few years ago, the district was able to purchase a Pediatric Advanced Life Support kit. The kit utilizes color-coded pouches with

correctly-sized medical devices for pediatric emergencies. The kit includes Broselow tape, which is used to measure children to quickly assess what size devices they need for life-saving events. The tape is also used for quick drug dosages.

“The purpose of the tape and kit is to save seconds, or minutes, in an emergency where kids are involved,” Mr. Cuestas said. “It also can reduce mistakes in using incorrectly-sized medical devices.” 

Every penny counts

For more than 20 years, the TCT – a 501(c)3 non-profit organization – has provided financial assistance to individuals and organizations in need, including schools and community groups through Operation Round-up (ORU).

ORU is funded by Trico Members who choose to “round-up” their monthly bill payment to the next dollar. The proceeds are administered by a volunteer board of Trico Members. The funds are not used to pay Trico Electric bills.

The TCT has assisted numerous community organizations, including Green Valley Assistance Service, Community Home Repair Projects of Arizona, the Sahuarita and Marana food banks, and local school districts.

Signing up is easy!

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