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Click here to read the Electrical Service Requirements Book

Copies of:

  • Legal description of property from the deed
  • Official (physical) address of property
  • Mailing address (where you will receive the bill at time of connect)
  • Proper permit
  • Site plot plan (drawing of how you will develop your property)
  • Billing deposit of $250 or letter of good credit from previous electric company. (Amount of deposit may vary.)

Line Extension Fees will be required of every applicant requesting a new extension of facilities or an upgrade of existing facilities or a conversion or alteration of existing electric facilities. In addition, Trico is no longer permitted to grant free line extension credits or make line extension refunds for new extensions filed with Trico on or after August 6, 2009.

Site Improvements will be required to qualify as a permanent service. It is the determination of the Design Department upon field inspection whether you have met the necessary site improvements (refer to “Site Improvements Required for Line Extension Permanency Designation”) found with application.

You may also obtain without charge an office estimate known as a "Ballpark estimate", (no field work) to build power lines to your property. This takes approximately two weeks.


  • Placing a four-foot wooden stake in the ground where you want your meter located so it faces a driveway or alley. Please be sure the view is clear of any obstacles, such as buildings or trees. Do not place any buildings or structures over or under electric power lines. You must call us at 744-2944 to tell us when the “stake is in” so we can begin designing your service.
  • Marking your property corners. (If we can’t find them, you may be required to hire a surveyor to reestablish them.)
  • Calling Blue Stake at 1-800-782-5348 or 811, to mark any underground utilities (BEFORE you dig).
  • Getting easements (if required) signed, notarized, and paying all fees involved. Trico will assist in creating the easement paperwork.
  • UG (Underground Service): CUSTOMER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR DIGGING AND BACKFILLING ALL TRENCHES along Trico’s approved route! (Permits are required if you dig in any right-of-ways or cross any paved roads.) You will need to construct your pedestal and stand it in the end of your trench.
    Click here to refer to Electrical Service Requirements Book:
    • Trenching
    • UG Temp
    • UG 320 Amp or Larger (load calcs req’d)
    • 400 Amp K4-Type Meter No Longer Allowed
    • Pedestal
    • UG House
  • UG (Underground Service in Recorded Subdivision): CUSTOMER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR DIGGING AND BACKFILLING ALL TRENCHES AND INSTALLATION OF A CONDUIT SYSTEM along Trico’s approved route! (Permits are required if you dig in any right-of-ways or cross any paved roads.) You will need to construct your meter panel assembly at its permanent location (affixed to home or building) and connected to a continuous span of conduit from Trico’s existing stub-out or designated facility. 
    Click here to refer to Electrical Service Requirements Book:
    • Trenching
    • UG House
    • UG 320 Amp or Larger (load calcs req’d)
    • 400 Amp K4-Type Meter No Longer Allowed
    • UG Temp
    • Pedestal
    Click here to refer to Electrical Service Requirements Book:
    • OH/Pole
    • OH/House w/overhang
    • OH/House w/parapet
    • OH 320 Amp (load calcs req’d)
    • OH 400 Amp K4-Type Meter No Longer Allowed
    • Street Light or Dusk to Dawn Light
  • Getting PERMITS: 
    (1) Mobile/mfg. homes require county and state permits (Pinal County no state permit required)
    (2) A well requires county or local jurisdiction permit 
    (3) Upgrade or meter move requires county or local jurisdiction permit

Central Permits 
201 N. Stone
Tucson, AZ 85701
(520) 724-9000

240 N. Stone (1st Floor)
Tucson, AZ 85701
(520) 791-5550

Building & Safety
31 N. Pinal St. -Building A
PO Box 1610
Florence, AZ 85232
(520) 866-6405

Development Services
11555 W. Civic Center Drive
Marana, AZ 85653
(520) 382-2600

Planning & Building
375 W. Sahuarita Center Way
Sahuarita, AZ 85629
Phn: (520) 822-8866
Fax: (520) 625-9879

400 W. Congress Suite 121
Tucson, AZ 85701 
Phn: (520) 628-6920
Fax: (520) 628-6930

The Work Order Process

  • Apply for service by calling 744-2844, ext. 2731, ext. 1309, or ext. 1523.
  • Call the New Service Technician when your “Stake Is In.”

After you have called to tell us your stake is in the ground, your work order goes to our design department. Designers will travel to your property and design your electric service typically from the nearest power source capable of providing your electric needs and along the most direct and practical route of construction to the stake you have placed in the ground.

Your work order will be in the design department for about two weeks, provided no problems occur such as: distance away from power, insufficient site improvements, line extension funding, or procurement of acceptable right-of-way/easements. (If there are design fees involved or easements required, it will take longer than two weeks.)

If you have specific questions about pedestal, meter panel, trenching, the cost to bring electric service to your property, or the status of your work order, you will need to call our design department at ext. 2731.

If you have questions regarding easements, rights-of-ways, or to make payment for line extension agreements call our right-of-way agent at ext. 1333, or 2731.

When the design is complete, necessary easement have been secured, line extension fees have been paid, and agreements have been signed, your work order will go to the construction department where personnel will send you a copy of the drawing to show you where to trench from.

  • Call the construction scheduler at ext. 1355 or 1381, to schedule a date for the construction of your service.
  • Call the county and/or the state for your inspections. (Our cable does not have to be in the ground before you call for your inspections.) You may call for the county inspection when your ground rods are in and connected to the panel with the grounding wire. You may call for the state inspection when your mobile home is on your property and completely set up. WE CANNOT CONNECT YOUR SERVICE UNTIL WE RECEIVE A CALL FROM THESE AGENCIES TELLING US YOU HAVE PASSED YOUR INSPECTION! Once we have received the clearances and your trenches are covered, your service should be connected within 24 to 48 hours, excluding weekends, holidays and pending emergencies.
  • Call 744-2944, ext. 1355 or 1383, to verify that your clearances have been called in.
  • Provide Trico with safe and reasonable access to your property every month to read your meter.
  • MAKE SURE TRICO MEMBER ACCOUNTS DEPARTMENT HAS YOUR CORRECT MAILING ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBER AT THE TIME OF CONNECT. (We do not want your service disconnected for nonpayment because the bill was sent to the incorrect address and you never received it!)


  • Line Extension Fees (paid in full prior to construction with written agreement)
  • $100 connect fee (plus applicable taxes, billed on your first bill)
  • $15 per month fixed monthly charge - residential only (plus applicable taxes)
  • $50 return trip fee (for new construction and service connections)
  • $250 Refundable billing deposit or Letter of Credit
  • A Design and/or Right of Way advance
may be required to prepare detailed line extension plans. Such 
advance will be applied to the final cost.

By becoming a member of Trico, you are agreeing to follow the policies, rules, rates and schedules of Trico Electric Cooperative, Inc. A copy of the Rules, Regulations & Line Extension Policies approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC), 400 W. Congress St #221, Tucson, AZ 85701, (520) 628-6550 is available upon request.

These instructions may not cover all situations. Some situations might require special written agreements or studies.

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