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Ask questions before leasing solar panels

As a result of an increase in complaints from citizens in Arizona who have purchased or leased systems, the legislature has approved a law that requires mandatory disclosure for solar purchases and leases. The bill went into effect on January 1, 2016.

Before signing any agreement, you should take the time to read the fine print thoroughly, get the responses back in writing and ask questions. Some questions you may want to ask:

  • Make sure you understand how much this system will cost over the life of the lease or purchase. Understand any interest or fees to be paid. Total number of payments and due dates.
  • Who has the tax obligations, including the increase in property values?
  • Ensure they write down any tax incentives and rebates you might be eligible for and who will be getting them. You or the installer?
  • How and can the warranty or maintenance obligations be sold or transferred to anyone else?
  • What happens if you sell your home (what happens to the lease)?
  • What statistics are the installers using for projection of future electric rates?
  • What is the combination of lease costs and electric bills and what are you paying now. Do you save?

Before agreeing to install a PV system at your home, you should review all of the requirements of Arizona Senate Bill 1465. Trico will be requiring that all solar Interconnection Applications received on or after January 1, 2016, contain the required information in Arizona Senate Bill 1465.  

Remember, our State Legislature and Governor would not have passed this bill if there weren’t a lot of complaints. If you feel that you may be the victim customer fraud, contact the Arizona Attorney General’s Tucson office at 628-6504. Consumers can also file complaints online by visiting the Attorney General’s website at azag.gov.

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Ask questions before leasing solar panels

As a result of an increase in complaints from citizens in Arizona who have purchased or…

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